Stuart Home

Established in October 2005. Tim and I were joined in marriage almost five years ago. The Lord has blessed us with two healthy boys and blessed us in many area's of our life beyond what we deserve. Tim is a minister of the gospel and is pastoring in Arkansas.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Stuart Family

The Stuart Family Oct. 2010

Matthew Stuart Oct. 2010

Matthew is almost 4 years old.

Almost five years of marriage.

Tim and Tina Stuart

Five years and still in love.

Tim, Christina, Matthew, and Adler Stuart

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Let Freedom Ring

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Craxy Cute Kids

Adler with one of his faces

Matthew and Adler riding fourwheelers.

Adler with a crazy face. sometimes he would love to tear into Matthew. lol He will give him a couple of years. They will probably be a pretty good match for each other

Yes, my kids look like hillbilly's with no clothes on.

Oh the Joys and Dreads of Parenting

Matthew, 3, Adler is 9 months

Mommy and Adler

Adler is walking around, as he is holding onto things.

OH MY WORD!! We hadn't been home from camp an hour when Matthew felt inspired to dump his bowl of cereal over Adler's head. I don't know why I took a picture. I guess as angry as I was I thought it would be good for a laugh later in life.

Adler loves to get into my plastic container, and glass jars cupboard. It is never straitened anymore.

I.C.H.A. Camp

We had a good time away at I.C.H.A. Camp.
Getting ready to go. Tryin to get all the packin done.

Our bedroom at camp.


Adler is 9 months old here

Matthew and Adler

Mom and Dad came to visit

Dad and myself

Tim and Adler

Christa at camp

age 15

On the way home. Tryin to keep two boys happy for 12-13 hrs in the car

Tuckered out in the car, and almost home

Visiting Grandma and Grandpa Stuart

We had a good time visiting Gandma and Grandpa Stuart while on our vacation. We took a trip to the Indianapolis zoo, while there. It really is a nice zoo!

Pstricia let the boys play in the fountain. Matthew even had the water hose out. Oh what fun they had!
Grandma and Grandpa Stuart at the Indianapolis zoo.

Matthew and Grandpa

Adler and Matthew in the zoo buggy.

Matthew was on the rock looking at the monkeys



Icy cold Milk, Oh was it good, and Popcorn!

Matthew rode a big carasel for the first time. He loved it!

Mommy and Matthew, three yeaars old, having a time of his life.


Little monkeys

In the aquarium. It gave me a scary feeling at first.

The dolphin show was really neat. Pictures just couldn't do it justice.

Matthew's first train ride

Mommy and Matthew.

Mom Stuart, Adler, Dad Stuart, and Tim

Adler on Grandma's porch, watching the action.

Matthew riding the tricycle with a horn on it, which he loved.

Ted giving Matthew a ride

Tim doing the grillin

Oh the things that kids have fun with. Matthew had fun in the water before he left. He found it a game to tag everyone with the water. I have to say it was good for a laugh.

Headed home and stopped at burger king.

My baby Mr. Burger King